ACP Vibratory Pipe Rerounders

Pipe Rerounders for PVC Pipe

Restores deflected sewer pipes back to within tolerances.

Patented efficient vibratory design.

Pneumatic vibrator.

A powerful high frequency vibration consolidates and stabilizies material around the pipe to keep deflections from returning.

Pipe Rerounders for PVC Pipe

Only smooth contoured surfaces come in contact with the pipe.

Vibration is transmitted radially. There is no impact force driving the rerounder forward.

With vibration doing most of the work, 300 lb. to 2000 lb. of pulling force is usually adequate. In most cases 500 lb. is enough.

With this design there should be no damage to the pipe if the sewer line is clean.

Aluminum outer housing is hard coat anodized.

    Vibration Technology

    The 8 inch through 15 inch rerounders use this heavy duty vibrator assembly.

    This design has an efficient combination of power, frequency, and amplitude to flow and displace the surrounding bedding material.

    By flowing granular particles together, the density of the pipe zone material is increased.

    This same technology has been proven very effective in our sag correction systems.

    Pipe Roller

    For 8 inch and larger pipe.

    Billet aluminum rollers with oilite bushings.

    Wide rollers accommodate pull lines or hoses.


    Air Swivel / Oiler / Air Filter

    The air swivel, oiler, filter, and whip hose assembly connects at the rerounder.

    Torque from the vibrator causes the rerounder to rotate. The air swivel is necessary to prevent the rotation from twisting and kinking the air hose.


    Concentric Pullback Swivel

    The 8 inch through 15 inch rerounders use a separate pullback swivel as shown.

    The air hose swivel fits in the center opening of the swivel for the pullback straps. This allows the rerounder to rotate without wrapping the pullback line around the air hose.


        Model 855 1055 1255
        Pipe Size 8 in. 10 in. 12 in.
        Air Consumption 70 cfm @ 80-100 psi
        Minimum Air Hose Size 3/4 inch for long lengths
        Approximate Weight 64 lb. 81 lb. 102 lb.

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        15" Rerounder Model 1555 Contact us for pricing 
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